Boomerang Bags Ascot Vale Workshop

Wednesday, 14 August

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Everyone is welcome to our weekly workshops which occur every Wednesday from 630pm.



Help make some unique, up cycled fabric bags for the local community and know that you are contributing by enabling people to reduce their plastic use by creating an alternative to plastic shopping bags.  

You don't need to be able to sew as we need a variety of jobs done in order to make up our bags! Cutting of fabric, stamping pockets, ironing - just to name a few!

We're a friendly bunch who love having a chat, having a bit of down time after a busy day and doing our little tiny bit to reduce the communities plastic use.

Come to learn a new skill (if you want to learn how to basic sew!), have a look or just have a cup of tea!


Please note, this is not a Council-run event and has been submitted by a member of the community.



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Dwell - Ascot Vale Church Of Christ, 78 Saint Leonards Road, Ascot Vale VIC, Australia


Sara Melvin


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