Crown Street worms help community tackle waste

Thursday, 04 July In

Did you know 35% of the average household's garbage is food waste?

And when disposed of in landfill it breaks down creating methane and contributing to climate change.

3000 Acres together with Crown Street Stables cafe, wanted to offer people an opportunity to avoid contributing to this problem, and instead put their waste to good use.

So worm farms have been installed to help the cafe and local community dispose of food waste in an environmentally sustainable way.

Through worm farming, organic materials like food scraps, shredded newspaper, ripped-up egg cartons and more can be broken down quickly in a way that produces far fewer greenhouse gasses.

As the worms process the waste, they produce a beautiful fertiliser that can be used to grow more local food, in turn reducing our food miles and food packaging.

And Crown Street Stables is doing just that- using the fertiliser produced by the worms on the garden beds at the cafe where herbs, vegetables and fruit are grown.

Now the cafe, local residents and local businesses can all dispose of their waste responsibly if they don't have room for composting or worm farming at home.

They simply bring their waste in, add it to one of the three worm farms and take their bucket home to collect more waste. If they feel like it, they can also give the garden a water and take some herbs home for dinner.

To get involved, simply visit Crown St Stables and ask the staff to point out the worm farms. There are instructions inside the cafe of what can and cannot go into the worm farm, as well as buckets with lids which you can take home to use as a waste caddy in your kitchen.

If you have any questions or you'd like to know more, you can email 3000 Acres or visit their Facebook page.


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