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As part of the consultation on our open space planning, we're featuring Moonee Valley residents who’ll tell us about their favourite piece of open space in Moonee Valley and what they’d like improved.

Get inspired and share your ideas for your favourite park, reserve, walking path, waterway or plaza or where you’d like new open space. You can show us on the map or fill out the survey. 

Troy Ryan, Niddrie (pictured)

I’ve lived in Niddrie all my life (40 years). I grew up four doors down from where my family now live. I love this area but it would be great to see some spaces given new life.

Tell us about the open space you'd like to see improved?

It’s at the end of Treadwell Rd in Niddrie on the bend where it becomes Ross Street. We use this area regularly as well as the track that weaves beside the freeway. 

What do you love about it?

My daughter loves to ride her bike and scooter along the track. I like it because it’s away from traffic and driveways, so it’s a lot safer. 

What can be done to improve this space?

I would love to see a small playground with some swings and a fenced area to keep them safe. There are plenty of children in Ross Street and the surrounding streets that would benefit from this. At the moment it’s just all bark so we can’t really enjoy it.


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