Each week we’ll be featuring a Moonee Valley resident who’ll tell us about their favourite piece of open space in Moonee Valley and what they’d like improved.

Get inspired and share your ideas for your favourite park, reserve, walking path, waterway or plaza or where you’d like new open space. You can show us on the map or fill out the survey. 

Anna Lanigan, Strathmore (pictured, far left)
I’ve lived in Strathmore for 34 years. I’m passionate about Moonee Valley’s green spaces and the need to nurture and expand them. Over the past decade or so I’ve recorded the wildlife participating in Frogwatch and Birdata. The resilience of urban wildlife is a constant source of admiration for me. 

What’s your favourite green space in Moonee Valley?
Moonee Ponds Creek. 

What do you love about it?
Well, near my place it’s more of a Moonee Ponds drain with its concrete lining that was successfully stopped in the 1960s just beside Strathmore North Primary School. Despite this, indignity Friends of Moonee Ponds Creek have persevered and created lovely treed and bushy habitats along the banks that have lured the less common Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos and hosted families of White-faced Herons.   

What can be done to improve this space?
Remove the concrete and restore the habitat. Just upstream of the concrete section I’ve recorded endangered Growling Grass Frogs. Superb Fairywrens nest in the bushes, gorgeous Australian Reed Warblers and Little Grass Birds inhabit the banks, even a Rakali has been spotted in the water. They are all there ready to move in and become great neighbours for their feathered friends in the trees. This section along Brosnan Crescent is perfect for a starting point in the restoration of the Moonee Chain of Ponds.


Making a greener Moonee Ponds Creek is one of the priorities in our Advocacy Strategy. You can read more here


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