Protecting our heritage

Thursday, 18 April

We're taking further measures to ensure Moonee Valley's most historic properties and precincts are protected.

It’s important that we do everything to protect Moonee Valley’s heritage.

Cr Narelle Sharpe

The Moonee Valley 2017 Heritage Study, which was recently adopted by Council, will ensure the protection of more than 1,000 heritage properties in Moonee Valley.

We've also applied to the Planning Minister for interim heritage overlays as well as permanent controls for the places identified in the study.

“These properties tell a story of what Moonee Valley was like at a time in our history and are a unique reflection of what has made us what we are today,” Moonee Valley Mayor Cr Narelle Sharpe said.

“We want to protect our beautiful neighbourhoods and homes, and the heritage overlay is an important mechanism to protect interwar, Victorian and Edwardian residential places.

“It’s important that we do everything to protect Moonee Valley’s heritage.”

We'll keep you updated when the amendment is formally exhibited. 


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